Netherlands invests €1m in global climate adaptation centre

Published on 08/02/2017, 5:00am

          Dutch join forces with Japan, UN among leading donors for project aimed at helping countries understand how they can cope with climate impacts
By Ed King

          A new climate adaptation centre will open in the Netherlands by the end of 2017, charged with helping countries cope with an expected uptick in extreme weather events.
Backed with €1 million from the Dutch government and further support from Japan and the UN Environment Programme, the project is being billed as an adaptation skills-hub.

          “I’m not looking for a theoretical institute,” Dutch environment minister Sharon Dijksma told Climate Home, stressing the need to ramp up support for at-risk countries.

China: 'All parties must stick to Paris Agreement '

Madeleine Cuff
17 January 2017

          Addressing delegates at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Chinese premier Xi Jinping says tackling climate change is a "responsibility" countries must assume to protect future generations

          Chinese premier Xi Jinping has urged world leaders not to abandon the historic Paris climate change agreement in a high profile speech today to the World Economic Forum in Davos.
In an address that stressed the importance of world trade for delivering economic growth and stability, President Xi said it is vital countries stick to their commitments for tackling climate change for the sake of future generations.

Obama: Trump Cannot Undo All Climate Progress

In an unusual essay in the journal Science, President Obama urges his successor to stay in the Paris agreement and continue the clean energy revolution.


 JAN 9, 2017

President Obama, writing in the nation's leading science journal, declared that "the trend toward clean energy is irreversible" regardless of the different policy choices likely to come from his successor.

In an unusual essay by a departing president, Obama urged Donald Trump not to "step away from Paris," where the world's nations pledged in 2015 to accelerate the shift to carbon-free energy to slow global warming.