“Training for CITC establishment and training management” in Japan.

During November 25 to December 7, 2013, Dr. Jakkanit Kananurak, Director of Capacity Building and Outreach Office and Dr. Natarika Wayuparb, Director of Strategy Office and other 6 officials from TGO participated the .

“Training for CITC establishment and training management” in Japan. The training is part of CITC establishment activities which the objectives include; 1. To collect information and learn know-how’s on training program development, implementation and management by training implementing entities in Japan 2. To enhance technical knowledge and understanding on climate change and LCS issues by learning policies and measures taken by key organizations in Japan 3. To collect information on candidate CITC partner institutions in Japan Through the training, officials had learned good practices and lessons learned from Japan on training center management, curriculum management process, e-learning management as well as knowledge on Low Carbon Society (LCS) related measures and mitigation measures.

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