The 1st Seminar on “the Network on Climate Change Management for Sustainable Development”

         During 2-3 May 2017, Climate Change International Technical and Training Center (CITC) under Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) (TGO) organized The 1st seminar on “the Network on Climate Change Management for Sustainable Development” at Nook Dee Boutique Resort, Kata Beach, Phuket.


          In this regards, Dr.Natarika Wayuparb Nitiphon, Deputy Executive Director of TGO and Dr. Jakkanit Kananurak, Director of CITC attended the seminar. The objectives of the seminar are 1) to monitor the result of CITC training courses 2) to develope alumni network on Climate Change Management for Sustainable Development and 3) to promote Low Carbon Society development. There were 18 persons from 13 organizations participated the seminar such as Khon Kaen Municipality, Huaikaokum Subdistrict Municipality, Yan Ta Khao Municipality and Sa la Glang Municipality, Prince of Songkla University and Mr. Somchai Jariyajaroen, former Mayor of Klaeng.

          The participants identified their needs such as financing issue, continuous capacity development activities such as seminars/forums for exchanging knowledges & experiences, site visits, learning guidelines and online public relations to Municipality network.

           From the seminar’s result, CITC will analyze and collect additional information to improve suitable training courses and enhance network as well as promote activities for moving towards Low Carbon Society for Municipality.





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